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Glaminates - Smile Dentistry

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GlamSmile is a breakthrough new system that is a fast, affordable and pain-free way to have great teeth and a beautiful, white, confident smile!


The opportunity for such a transformation was once only in the domain of movie stars and the very wealthy but now the dream of perfectly sculpted, permanently white teeth and all that goes with it, can be a reality for people of all ages.


GlamSmile is a step towards looking your best and can make a very positive difference to your confidence and appearance, which can impact on your social life and your career.


GlamSmile offers a solution without the high cost of traditional veneers; without long hours in the dentist chair; without the need for anaesthesia; and without the need to grind down or drill your teeth to apply them.


A $75 consultation fee is payable at the timing of booking your initial appointment. This fee will be credited towards the cost of your Glam Smile Veneers when taken up within a three month period. We accept all major credit cards including American Express.


It then requires only two visits to Glaminates to professionally fit the GlamSmile veneers. At your first visit, photographs and precise impressions are taken. The GlamSmile lab uses your dental impressions and state-of-the-art digital scanning technology, guided by the eye of a trained ceramicist, to craft a high-quality, perfectly shaped veneer for each individual tooth. GlamSmile veneers are top quality, flexible, super-strong and ultra-thin. At your second visit, the GlamSmile veneers are bonded to your teeth, as easily as having your nails done, and you walk out with a beautiful smile!


Feature by feature, no other veneer solution comes close to the GlamSmile system. There's no longer a need to live with stained, chipped, fractured or misaligned teeth that you want to hide from the world.


You may have heard about other types of veneers. But when you compare the quality, time-saving method, comfort and especially the price, you'll see no other veneers can match the revolutionary GlamSmile system.


How much can a beautiful, white, confident smile make a difference?



Make an appointment for an initial, obligation free consultation for a fee of $75 which can be credited against the cost of your Glaminate Veneers.